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B2B Lead Generaton Service

Min Order Quantity:10 | INR 35/lead
| Order limit: 500/day delivery

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What is included in LinkedIn B2B leads?

  • Contact Name

  • Designation

  • Official Email [100% Validated]

  • Company Name

  • Industry

  • Direct Contact Number [87% accuracy]

  • LinkedIn URL

  • Employee Count

LinkedIn Lead Generation (Any Country)

Niche Lead Generation (USA only)

What is included in the Online B2B leads?

  • Contact Name

  • Designation

  • Personal or Official Email [100% Validated]

  • Company Name

  • Niche

  • Direct Contact Number [87% accuracy]

  • Address

Types Of Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation Comparision

b2b lead generation comparision table
b2b lead generation comparision table

Who Is This Meant For?

  • Email Marketing Agency

  • Any Sales Professionals

  • Lead Generation Agency

  • Research Companies

  • Outsourcing Company

  • Consultancy Service Provider

  • Recruitment Service Provider

  • Startup Companies

  • Web development agencies

  • HR Consultancy Service Provider

  • SEO Companies

  • B2B Freelancers

  • Professional Service Provider

As long as you are selling to business, this b2b lead generation service will work wonders for you and your team.

B2B Lead Gen - FAQ's

  1. Is there a refund?

    - Yes and No, we cannot offer refund for the leads that has been delivered. If you cancel the service before the order is fulfilled, you will receive 100% refund back in 1-3 business days.

  2. How accurate are this b2b leads?

    - All the email leads we generate go through manual validation 100% of them, and are 99.00% accurate. If there is any lead that is not accurate, you can provide us the lead information and will replace it. Direct contact information are 75%-87% accurate.

  3. How do you validate email leads?

    - We use email verification tools like, zerobounce, bulkemailchecker to validate email leads. Only if the confidence level is over 91% we share it with you.

  4. How do you generate direct contact leads?

    - We use online tools and platforms, to generate phone leads. We try to verify every phone number by calling the receipient however, not eveyone picks the call, and hence, we rely on the tools and plaforms, for accuracy of contact information. We have seen around 75% to
    87% accuracy so far.

  5. Are these leads GDPR compliant?

    - We are responsible for generation of b2b leads, GDPR compliance refers primarily on how you end up using them and largely concentrated towards individuals. Please check the official website for more accurate and updated information.

  6. How are you different than generating leads through online tools like lusha or appolo?

    - Primarily, with this online tools, you will have to order in bulk but with GrowQuikr, you can order as many leads as your budget allows you to. Secondly, our leads are much cheaper as compared with lusha or appolo tools.

  7. Can i get a sales from this leads?

    - It depends on how you use it and who. We internally use the same leads to generate over 500+ appointments booked for our b2b sales lead generation service.

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