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We book B2B meetings for you, so🫵can spend more time closing deals, faster!

B2B Sales Lead Generaton Service.

Our Methodology


We believe in serving first before being served ideology. We attract your ideal prospect by providing value first at every step of their journey.


We engage with prospects at every step in a meaningful way and make them more comfortable before they connect with you.


We connect the prospects with you once they are ready to explore your services or product further.

Your Journey With Us

Step1️⃣: Partner With Us

The first step is to signup - here is how you can partner with us in 4 simple step.

Step2️⃣: Process Setup

Inline with the proposal, we will start designing process map of the strategy, and start the setup process. At this stage, we might still need your involvement to create the best optimised value driven sale lead generation road map for the campaign.

The entire process can take upto 2 weeks depending on the strategy proposed, approval of copys, creatives etc. The setup duration is not included in the billing period.

Our teams will start managing the campaign from here on. All you need to do is attend meetings, talk to your prospects, and close more deals. Our campaign managers will handle everything until somebody puts their hand up and requests a meeting.

You will receive campaign report via email every week. Real-time meeting schedule via Google Sheets (Shared) and/Or WhatsApp message group. We can integrate directly with most CRMs as well.

Step3️⃣: Launch Campaign

Sales Meeting Booked.

Deals Closed By Client.

Of Leads Pipeline Build.

30+ Clients

With over 500+ meetings scheduled, the list keeps growing....

B2B Lead Generation Logo
B2B Lead Generation Logo

Some of the logos where we have opened doors for our clients...

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

  1. Is there any contract?

    - No, if you decide to engage on month to month basis where there is no commitment or guaratee of results/outcome. If you are looking for guranteed result base engagement, the minimum duration is 6 Months. This has two huge upsides for you, 1) Lower monthly service fee (at least 20% lower than month to month plan), and 2) It safeguards both of our interest, and you are covered with a guarantee/commitment of "X" sales meetings.

  2. How soon can i expect results?

    - Depending on your industry, service offering, niche, target audience, and various other factors, we generally start seeing results from the 3rd or 4th week of launch date. That being said, we have also seen results coming in as early as the 3rd or 4th day of launching the campaign for some of our clients.

  3. How do you ensure quality?

    - At GrowQuikr, we book appointments with prospects who has showed genuine interest in exploring your service or product which happens after an initial introduction pitch has been made. Meaning, the prospect knows what you are offering and has agreed to explore further via demo/virtual meeting/telephonic call.

    Also, GrowQuikr only reachout to prospects that falls under the target requirement shared by you during the signup process. This makes every lead pre-qualified, and considering the prospect agreed to discuss further with you after and initial pitch has been done ensures quality of meeting/sales lead.

  4. Are sales leads exclusive or do you share the same sales leads to other clients?

    - All the sales leads/appointment scheduled, are exclusive for every client. We do not re-distribute the same to others.

  5. Do you work on pay-per-lead or commission basis?

    - We do not work on pay-per-lead basis because there are operational cost at the very beginning of engagement which has to be paid in advance, such as sales navigator subsription, lusha subscription, email softwares and more, depending on the process established.

    We do however, work with some of our existing clients on basis of a base retainer + commission. We only offer this options to clients whio have been with us for more than 6 months.

  6. What is the difference between b2b sales lead generation and b2b lead generation?

    - This is a very important question becasue every organization has their own definition.

    What is b2b lead generation at GrowQuikr?

    At GrowQuikr, we consider B2B lead as a lead when we get contact information of a defined target audience basis on various parameters, that is called a b2b lead generated. Our pay-per-lead cost is only INR 35 which is very competitive as compared with other lead generation platform.

    What is b2b sales leads at GrowQuikr?

    B2B sales lead means, we have generated the lead information, done prospecting on your behalf, made an initial pitch about your product/service, and then we have also managed to secure a meeting (a.k.a) b2b appointment setting has been done, and most imprtantly the meeting happened/concluded. This is when we consider the lead as a "B2B sales lead".

  7. If appointment scheduled is cancelled, is that still counted as a sales lead generated?

    - It depends, if the cancellation or no show, happens from prospects end, we do not count them and we will re-schedule it accordingly. If the cancellation or no show, happens from clients end, it will be counted as a successful sales lead generated. In this case, if we happen to reschedule it again, it will be treated as a new sales lead generated.

  8. Is there any cancellation charges breaking the SLA?

    - If you provide prior notice as per the agreed SLA terms, there is not cancellation charges. However, if done without prior notice, it will attract cancellation fees, details of which is made available very clearly in the agreement.

  9. Is there a referral commission?

    - Yes, we believe in helping each other out as the best form of business sustainability. As such, we offer a flat commission of 15% net profit for any lead referred to us that gets converted. The best part is that, the commission is on recurring, meaning - you get commission as long as the client is active with us.

  10. How do i refer leads?

    - For referral, please send an email to - . with contact information [name, company name, title, email and phone number of the lead], we will take care of the rest and keep you in loop.

  11. Do you have experience, specific to an industry/vertical?

    - While we have extensive experience in technology, SaaS,PaaS, consulting,coaching, manufacturing and marketing industries. We’re well equiped at starting conversations with target industry as long as your product or service is in B2B space.

  12. How do you generate B2B leads?

    - We don’t collect our leads from third party providers, we only use third party tools to cross verify. We do things differently here at GrowQuikr. We conduct online research and validate every infomation as much as possible. Every leads we provide you will be manually verified and validated before shaing them with you.

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